James Duff

Chair of the Trustees


At Catching Lives a large part of what we do is helping people get treated fairly. Our client group are far too often treated badly by statutory services and campaigning helps us redress this balance.  Thus CampaignKent was born out of Catching Lives.

Many of our clients are so used to being told “no” that they just accept bad or unfair service from the DWP, from their GP or from local authorities.

The campaign work that our campaign team, CampaignKent, does gets results; but it also has deeper consequences. Often they will copy our MP in to communications and this keeps him informed about how some of his constituents are treated; and means that the client’s issue is dealt with quickly rather than being ignored or fobbed off.

CampaignKent gets Catching Lives taken more seriously too. Issues that they highlight for us have more authority when dealt with via campaigning and ultimately better results for our often marginalised client group.

Kareen MacDonald

Business Development Director

Proactive Kent CIC

Kelly Napier, of CampaignKent, recognised the need for a detailed report on the current situation with homeless people in Dover and the requirement to research and identify the need for an Outreach Centre which met the requirements and addressed the issues.
Kelly carried out detailed interviews in a compassionate and non-threatening manner, getting to the heart of the issues and clearly demonstrating a need for a Centre which went beyond the basic supply of food and shelter. Her practical and experienced questioning produced a detailed report on the homeless footfall and potential for partnership work to alleviate some of the primary concerns.
In addition, the report detailed other strategies and trends particular to the sector and drawing on a wide knowledge base to demonstrate what was available elsewhere which could assist the set-up, the local and national trends in dealing with the increase in recorded homeless and where policy and authority changes would impact.
The report far exceeded our expectations and the effort and work put in to it is of great benefit to Dover Outreach Centre and the ongoing work of Proactive Kent. I have no hesitation in recommending Kelly Napier’s approach to providing worthwhile, useful and timely reporting information for any organisation seeking an accurate and valuable resource for identifying homeless issues in their area.

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