Setting up at the Crooked House

So, this is The Crooked House, isn't it a beautiful building? You can find the Catching Lives bookshop on the first and second floor - and eventually campaign4change will be on the third floor!

I really can't wait to move into the new offices officially, just waiting on the paper work and then; thanks to the wonderful generosity of Lynda Desmarais, I'll take up residence.

Currently we've managed to source all of our furniture for no cost through freecycle sites, and we're now focussing on equipment. We're trying to source three computers and a wireless printer/photocopier - and we have a lead that we'll be following up next week.

In the meantime, I'm forging ahead with our plans to get involved with as many organisations or individuals in Kent that work with those without a home, I'm working on the agenda for the up and coming Multi-Agency Forum, and I'm desperately seeking funds. Please feel free to click on the Sponser Me link :)

Not a bad space at all, and the building has such a lovely vibe too.

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