We wish to gain a deeper understanding of the mental health needs of the clients you work with and whether or not these needs are currently being met by existing service provision.  Informal conversations with those working in the field seem to indicate that many people experiencing homelessness have mental health needs that are not met.  Concerns have also been raised about those with "dual diagnosis" (a substance misuse issue and a mental health condition) not gaining access to services they need.  We have identified that often people working directly with clients feel like they are not listened to by the providers of statutory mental health services when they are expressing concerns about the mental health needs of their clients.  Furthermore, due to the transient nature of the client group clients may struggle to engage with interventions offer.

Our intention is to complete research in this area and evidence the need for an alternative approach to meeting the mental health needs of people experiencing homelessness.  In order to do so we would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions.  Please give us as much information as you are able to as this preliminary survey will help us to identify trends and issues.

To complete this survey please ensure you populate the fields with asterixis. You do not have to include your contact details to submit the form should you wish to remain anonymous. If you would like us to contact you further with the findings of this call for evidence please email us at contact@campaignkent.co.uk