Who we are

Now more than ever, organisations have a crucial role to play in devising resourceful solutions to society’s problems. CampaignKent CIC are more than service providers; we are direct channels to all the things that could be changed for the better within the homelessness sector in Kent. We are advocates of the unheard and vulnerable and the services that support them.


Campaigning is a critical element of civil society. It is a way of making our voices heard, establishing rights, and changing behaviour or the law. It is one of the tools we use to help build a good and fair society.


But it’s our closeness to the people using homeless services and whom we represent that’s unique. Advocacy, campaigning, voice, whatever you choose to call it, means using our experience to amplify voices, influence government decisions and shape services. 


CampaignKent can shine a light on new issues and needs that haven’t yet been picked up by policy-makers. We work at the grass roots, so must communicate to our local authorities and government about how well policies are working. No doubt where there are problems the public will respond, and so CampaignKent will step up to campaign because we’re led by the needs of homeless services and their users.


CampaignKent aim to provide a lightning rod that conducts the passions and interest of the people they represent to decision-makers. If their voices aren’t heard, a critical pillar of democracy will be lost.